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    Safety equipment

    Safety equipment

    COSPAS-SARSAT EPIRBs, SARTs, survival portable radios (GMDSS)
    S.701 SART
    The S.701 SART (Search And Rescue Radar Transponder) from SevenStar Electronics Ltd approved, and has been specifically designed with life-raft fitment in mind, as well as conventional carry-off use, is capable of auto activation in life raft installations, and is the smallest SART available today. It is the principal means of homing in the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).
    Its exceptionally low power consumption makes it unique, as it is the first SART that can use non-hazardous batteries - safer, cheaper and easier to ship, deploy and stock.
    Its unique digital design brings new levels of sophistication, with guaranteed lifetime performance, reduced component count and increased reliability.
    S.701  is also unique because the SART electronics remain totally sealed during the battery pack removal and refitting – it is impossible to damage or de-tune the electronics, or allow the accidental ingress of moisture.
    • Designed for "carry-off" and integrated life-raft applications
    • Ultra-slim (only 40mm thick!), light-weight, automatic or manual activation
    • S.701 model includes mounting bracket, 10 metre buoyant tether and mounting straps
    • Specify S.701-L/R model for liferaft fit
    • Telescopic mounting pole option S.701MP
    • Frequency range: X-band, 9.2 to 9.5 GHz
    • Spec: IEC 1097-1 1992, IEC 90645, IMO 694(17)
    • Designed to comply with Marine Equipment Directive and USCG/FCC requirements
    • Non-Hazardous Battery: type SevenStar S.701B (Replace every 4-5 years)
    • Tx power: > 400mW (+26 dBm)
    • Rx sensitivity: better than - 50 dBm
    • Operating life: greater than 96 hours in Standby mode, AND greater than 8 hours in Active mode - transmitting (at 1 kHz rate)
    • Body in high visibility yellow to BS4800/10E53
    • Indication: High-brightness LED on front face
    • Operating temperature range: -20/+55 degree C
    • Storage temperature range: -30/+70 degree C
    • Waterproof to 10 metres
    • Size: 332 x 80 x 40 mm
    • Weight: 390 g
    PRO-5 Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) is designed for operation within the COSPAS-SARSAT international satellite system. It fully meets the COSPAS-SARSAT technical specification latest issues, IMO reslutions, GMDSS requirements and SOLAS convention. PRO-5 EPIRB is available in Float-Free version. PRO-5 is an open deck mounted device using hydrostatic release mechanism to be activated automatically on the water surface or manually. The manual bridge version of the beacon is also available. Three separate LED’s provide checking and 121.5 MHz transmitters and batteries. PRO-5 has successfully completed tests and was granted with COSPAS-SARSAT type approval certificate #172. PRO-5 EPIRB has been designed using the latest technologies. It has minimum size and weight, super low energy consumption. The EPIRB is MED (WheelMark) Certified and has also Shipping Register of Ukraine, RMRS and RosMorRechFlot, CCS (China Classification Society) approvals. PRO-5 is available through URANIS distribution network worldwide
    Technical specification:         

            1. 406 MHz Transmitter

                Operating frequency: 406.028 MHz + 1 kHz
                Power output   5 W typical
                Modulation Phase (16K0GID)
            2. 121.5 MHz  Homer    
                Operating frequency: 121.5 MHz +5 kHz
                Power output: 50 mW radiated typical
                Modulation: Swept tone AM (3K20A3X)
            3. Strobe light     
                Type: high intensity white LED
                Light output: 0.75 cd minimum
                Flash rate: 20 flashes per minute
            Battery тype: Li-SOCl2
            Operating life: 48 hours minimum
            Shelf life: 5 years in service
            Watertight depth: 10 metres
            Operating temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C
            Storage temperature: -30 °C to +70 °C
            Automatic release depth: 4 metres max
            Weight: 1.3 kg
     Programming video manual for PRO-5 click here
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