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    One of the main work principles of the URANIS company is the usage of progressive technology while the development, manufacture and elaboration is our 'know-how'.
    Today the assembly technology of the radio-electronic equipment in URANIS allows to make wares with high extent of miniaturization (size of chip-element is 0306) and to use printed  multi-layer (6 layer and more) circuit. These technologies are realized in series of automatically adjustable preselectors and postpreselectors which provide the receiver input circuit at the frequency range 1,5-30 or 200-500 MHz selectivity increase.
    Wares are made on the  multi-layer printed circuit using the SMD assembly technology that provides the minimal dimensions and weight of devices and the possibility of working in hard temperature conditions.
    One of the design-technologic task while manufacturing the HF power amplifier and antenna couplers is to make coils with high quality which can work with high temperatures.
    The selection of a special high-frequency ceramic with high heat conductivity allows to raise the heat removal from the coil wire and spread it on the device case. The selection of a  litz wire allows to raise immediately the quality up to 500 – 600 that provides the accurate setting and temperature loss decrease.
    URANIS has the unique technology of coil without frame production which makes the effective heat conducting. The coil with air cooling is made structurally so that it uses a flat wire for considerable temperature regime easing.
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