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    Li-Ion heavy duty battery packs and chargers


    FTN6061, FTN6066, FTN6561 are rechargeable lithium - ion batteries with a big capacity, wide operating temperature range, high rate “weight / capacity” and without the memory effect. The battery is fitted with an electronic protection module which protects it against abusive charge or discharge.
    Intelligent electronics inside provide the battery's protection, safety, long cycle of life and long storage term.
    Can be used especially for radios or other equipment.  
    Technical specifications:
    • Nominal voltage: 14.8 V
    • Operation voltage range: 12 – 16.8 V
    • Nominal capacity: 19 Ah
    • Max. pulse discharging current: 22 A (duration less than 1 min)
    • Max. recommend continuous charging current: 17 A (continuously)
    • Cycle life:  more than 600 cycles with 60% depth of discharge
                          more than 500 cycles with 80% depth of discharge
                          more than 400 cycles with 100% depth of discharge
    • Vibration stability: 7-500 Hz ( 10g )
    • Short circuit protection : YES
    • Over current protection YES (25A level)
    • Storage: no inside structure degradation during store 1 year without charging
    • Life time: >80% initial capacity at 400 cycles charge - discharge
    • Wrapping: ABS plastic (Black, Khaki)
    • Total weight:  approx. 1.7 kg 
    • Dimension (L x W x H): 183 x 77 x 78 mm
    Only battery charger FLN9541 specifically designed for the FTN6066 should be used !
    FDN6151 (hereinafter referred to as “Case”) is a carry power supply. Application of - outdoor use for source of any devices (for example radio transceiver). Case containes 2 powerful rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and charger.
    Two FTN6066 Li-ion batteries connected parallel with a total capacity of 28 Ah. It can be charged from 110 / 220VAC or 12/24VDC (vehicle board source). Case should be charged before usage. It can not provide UPS function.
    Technical characteristics:
    • Capacity: 28 Ah
    • Output voltage: 13,8 V
    • Input voltage : AC 110/220 V (100…250 V AC) 50/60 Hz
    • Input voltage : DC 12/24 V (11-28V DC)
    • Dimensions of FDN6151 (H x W x L): 500 x 700 x 160 mm
    • Weight with batteries FTN6066: 9 kg
    • Weight without batteries: 6,6 kg
    • Life time: 500 cycles charge/discharge
    • Temperature mode: charge  0…+60 Cº; discharge  -20…+60 Cº
    • FDN6151 can be loaded to Radiostation
    • Max. load ability: 36 A (during 1 min)
    • Max. load ability: 20 A (long time)
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