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    Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon PRO-5
    Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) PRO-5  is a powerful self-contained emergency transmitter. It is powered with Lithium battery which has 5 years replacement periodicity. An EPIRB is a device of single usage; after activation it will work during at least 48 hours. It works the best of all, floating in the water or fastening with tench to the rescue boat, but it is also able to work on the open vessels deck.
    An EPIRB is holding inside in the separation device which is used as a storage container and consists of two lids retained together with the hydrostatic release unit (HRU). The underbody part of the separation device is tightly fastened to a vessel by screw-bolts. As the vessel sinks, the separation device pushes up the EPIRB automatically. An automatic separation takes place at the moment when the separation device reaches a depth of 4 meters.
    Under the water pressure the HRU will release the overhead lid of separation device, and the internal springs will push away an EPIRB. A lid will drown, and the EPIRB begins to work after rising on the water surface.
    The  tests of emergency position indicating radio beacon model PRO-5 have been realized by BT-611M, designed mainly for precise measuring of the signal parameters of 406 MHz Emergency beacons. It also provides the possibilities to test homing transmitter signal at 121.5 MHz. The instrument is fully controlled by host PC running WINDOWS. Antenna rod is connected to antenna input of BT-611M.
    In the process of measuring the BT-611M acquires instantaneous amplitude and frequency data of the measured signal. Then the required parameters are calculated and organized in the form of graphs or tables.
    Test results guarantee proper operation of the device, provided it was kept, mounted, and maintained according to the requirements stated in the User’s Manual.
    The description and characteristics you can see here.
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