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     VDR NW4400/sVDR NW-4000
    Voyage Data Recorders (VDR/sVDR) from NetWave Systems
           This new concept may be considered to represent the most sophisticated and technologically
    advanced (S)VDR and VDR concept on the market today, providing ship-owners
    with the most cost-effective solution to comply with the IMO requirements. 
    Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital™ VDR
           The Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital™ VDR exceeds the requirements of IMO Performance Standard A861(20) for Shipborne Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) and the latest data download specification SN 246
    Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) are the black box of the marine industry, they continuously record vital information relating to the operation of the vessel such as speed, engine telegraph, GYRO Heading, radar images, GPS information, communications, bridge conversations, etc. The data is stored in a protected storage device which can be recovered in the event of an incident.
    The MantaDigital™ range of voyage data recorders features:
    • Simplified or standard functionality.
    • Removable data storage.
    • Float-free or fixed data storage capsule.
    Furuno VR-3000
           The VR-3000 is a Voyage Data Recorder to assist investigators in identifying the causes
    of maritime casualty as well as to use the data for future reference to further incident prevention.
    VDR records data and events occurred during navigation, which include: date and time,
    ship's position, speed, heading, bridge audio, communication audio, radar/ECDIS images and others.
    Rutter VDR-100G3/G3S
           A logical progression of Rutter's proven G2 technology, the VDR-100G3 delivers performance,
    reliability and value in a new compact easy-to-install unit with significant enhancements
    to data storage and retrieval functions.
    The G3 is designed to be bulkhead-mountable but its new smaller profile and orientation
    flexibility enables it to be installed almost anywhere on the bridge. It is thoughtfully
    designed to reduce cabling costs and installation time. Rutter offers truly global product
    support and installation capability and one of the largest reference lists in the industry today.
    • Compact, easily installed wall-mount unit Solid state memory devices for essential VDR functions
    • New USB function for simplified data retrieval
    • Extended internal storage capacity
    • Modular “fit-anywhere” design reduces retrofit cost and out-of-service time
    • Data output socket and playback software included
     Sperry Voyage Master II/III VDR
           Sperry Marine's new third generation Voyage Data Recorder (VDR), VoyageMaster III,
    is an enhanced compact design with the latest solid-state technology that is focused
    on improved robustness and easier data retrieval via a removable USB flash drive.
    Please contact our managers to learn more about these and other models of VDR.
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