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     The ExNC 101 Class B AIS 

    the ExNC 101 Class B AIS Transponder, Austria is designed,  first of all, to increase safety at sea, for identifying and locating vessels, showing its position, speed, course.


    All transponder technical specifications meet  the following standarts:

     - IEC 62287-1; 
     - ITU-R M.1371-2; 
     - IEC 61162-1/-2; 
     - IEC 60945; IEC 61108.


    This AIS is mounted into simplified models, small-sized vessels and


    yachts. The ExNC 101 Class B AIS transponder is a compact, it easily matches

    with your radar system and electronic chart system and is supplied with a combined

    VHF/GPS antenna.

    Nauticast™ UAIS
    Nauticast™ UAIS with Graphical Display 
    Nauticast's new Graphical User Interface of the Nauticast™ UAIS not only offers an alphanumerical, as well as a radar view, but also has it inbuilt "Fairway view" option.
    This three dimensional representation of the surrounding traffic scenario is a completely unique way of capturing and representing vessel data.
    Alphanumerical view 
    Alphanumerical view shows the list of ships with details
    The Radarview gives a radar-like overview of the traffic scenario surrounding your ship.
    Fairway View 
    The innovative Fairway View gives you a three-dimensional picture of a certain adjustable traffic-area.
    Nauticast™ B AIS 
    Class B Transponder:
    Small in Size
    Plug and Play
    Transmits and Receives
    Water Resistant
    Remote SRM Switch
    GPS Receiver
    The Nauticast-B transponder is a plug and play AIS solution. Enjoy the benefits of the AIS system knowing larger commercial vessels are aware of your position increasing your personal safety while navigating at sea.
    Unlike receive only AIS devices which do not transmit vessel information to surrounding traffic, the Nauticast-B system allows you to virtually participate in neighboring vessels maneuvering activities for collision avoidance. 
    Announce your identity, position, speed and course over ground to oncoming traffic allows for increased security that you will be seen in low visibility conditions.
    Avoid not being seen because of extreme weather conditions or busy vessel traffic environments. Generate a safety distress message to surrounding AIS equipment, including vessels, base-stations, and possibly SAR teams. All in all, it is a horizon expanding experience; especially in combination with an electronic chart system.
    • Programming of boat data is required, including MMSI number, registered name, call sign (if available), boat size, type and GPS antenna mounting location.
    • The FCC prohibits any person from knowingly entering an incorrect MMSI or other static data in a Class B AIS device - Section 31 FCC 08-208.
    • The FCC requires that the static data, including MMSI, be entered by sellers and professional installers of Class B AIS devices, not the end user - Section 31 FCC 08-208.
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