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    Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)

    SSAS "Ocean Alert"
    SSAS "Ocean Alert" is based on SAT-101 Inmarsat D+ terminal and incorporates 2 alert buttons, antenna and back-up battery. SAT 101 certified by Ukraine register № ССТСО-211-3-124-04, Germanisher Lloyd (No 20236-04HH), American Bureau of Shipping (No 04-LD424532-PDA), Bureau Veritas (No 13833/AO BV), Maritime and Coastguard Agency (UK ministry of transport), Inmarsat Type approval DST001, Maritime authorities of Panama, Liberia, Georgia, Malta, Cambodia, St.Vincent&Grenadine
    Ocean Alert meets or exceeds all mandatory regulations, guidance notes and performance standards for Ship Security Alert Systems. Ocean Alert’s global coverage provides fully automatic roaming across all the world’s ocean regions. Its low power consumption and proven network reliability make Ocean Alert a cost-effective, low-maintenance, end-to-end solution to meet ship security requirements. In addition it provides useful vessel monitoring and long-range identification capability for fleet operators.
    Features and capabilities 
    • Meets or exceeds all mandatory requirements of SOLAS Regulation XI-2/6
    • Most cost effective SSAS solution with most reliable message delivery technology
    • Bundled end-to-end solutions including reporting service, airtime,hardware and alert notification,no monthly airtime fees
    • SAT 101 satellite terminal technology offers true global coverage with fully automatic roaming across all ocean regions
    • Micro technology allows discreet and flexible installation
    • Precise location and status delivered to desktop via the web, email and SMS
    • Integral internal back up battery
    • Upgradeable to meet Long Range Vessel Identification requirements
    • Test mode and ‘heartbeat’ operation to ensure constant readiness
    • Inmarsat Type Approved
    • Type approved to IEC 60945.
    The SAILOR TT-3000SSA Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) rests on the renowned and very reliable Inmarsat-C technology from Thrane& Thrane, which for more than a decade has been an integral part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).
    The alarm is a covert signal, which will have no sound and no flashing lights, thus maintaining discretion and avoiding obvious detection by any intruders on board the ship.
    The SAILOR TT-3000SSA can deliver SSAS alerts direct to competent authorities and other destinations, as specified by the ISPS code and shipping company. As an additional feature, the SAILOR TT-3000SSA is capable of reporting its GPS positions on regular intervals. The settings are fully end-user controlled from remote via satellite
    link and thus independent from crew interventions on board.
    The SAILOR TT-3000SSA system is approved by Inmarsat and all major classification societies including Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas(BV),Germanischer Lloyd (GL), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS),US Coast Guard, Chinese Classification Society (CCS), Russian DMT and RMRS.
    General specifications:
    • Antenna: Inmarsat-C/GPS omni-directional antenna, RHC polarised
    • Operating frequencies: Rx 1525.0 – 1545.0MHz; Tx 1626.5 – 1646.5 MHz
    • GPS module(1575.42 MHz ): 12-Channels, 1 sec update rate,15m RMS accuracy
    • Solar radiation Maximum flux density: 1200W/m2
    • Ice Up to 25 mm
    • IP rating: Lloyds approved for IP66
    • Operating temperature range: -35°C to 55°C
    • Power source, floating Operating: 10.5V – 32V
    • Power consumption Rx: 1.8W (stand by); Tx: 23W (at 12V DC supply)
    • Number of SSAS alert 2 x SSAS buttons and 1 x test button
    • and test buttons (standard package).Up to 6 alert buttons possible
    • SSAS message retransmission Every 30 minutes until reset
    Furuno Felcom 16 SSAS
    The FELCOM 16 / SSAS facility is a Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) based on Inmarsat mini-C mobile earth station. The standard performance of the FELCOM 16 / SSAS facility meets the requirements of IMO MSC. 136(76) and MSC. 144(77). The Inmarsat mini-C system is proven for VMS (Vessel Monitoring System), guaranteeing high security alert performance.
    The system is intended for transmitting a security alert when the ship is under attack by pirates, terrorists, etc. It notifies a preset flag administration on land that the ship is under threat, without generating any audio/visual alarms to prevent others onboard from sensing that a security alert is transmitted. Its multi-addressed transmission function enables reports to a ship’s owner as well as to a flag administration in parallel.
    The information transmitted includes ship’s current position and identification. Ship’s position, obtained by using the built-in GPS receiver, is sent at regular intervals so that a flag administration and the ship owner are kept informed of the position of the ship. A backup battery is available as an option to drive the system up to five days for continual data transmission. Furthermore, its polling function enables tracking of a ship even after the loss of ship's communication.
    Standard Features :
    • Employs Inmarsat Mini-C system
    • Multi-addressed transmission enables in parallel reports to a flag administration as well as to a company security officer in parallel
    • Optional backup battery for continual operation up to 5 days
    • GPS receiver incorporated
    • Compact antenna and communication unit for ease of installation
    • Polling function enables tracking of a ship even after the ship loss of the communication
    • Data reporting function enables reporting of ship's position at regular intervals
    Tx 1626.5 - 1646.5 MHz
    Rx 1530.0 - 1545.0 MHz
    Power Requirements :
    ■ 12-24 VDC ■ 6.0-2.0 Amps (TX) ■ 0.6-0.4 Amps (RX)
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