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    Register You EPIRB, it might save your life!


    Since Cospas-Sarsat approval of the first models of 406 MHz EPIRBs in 1989 their design has evolved significantly. New technologies allowed to reduce EPIRB size and weight approximately in 3-4 times, to enhance the quality and to cut up the cost. These factors provide increasing of customer interest in today smaller, better and more affordable 406 MHz beacons. One of those beacons is Cospas-Sarsat EPIRB PRO-5, URANIS’s production that meets GMDSS requirements, SOLAS convention and IMO resolutions,  has Germanischer Lloyd (“WheelMark”) certificate, Ukrainian and Russian Maritime Register of Shipment type approval certificates and Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation certification of equipment type approval.
    The most serious aspect of achieving the Cospas-Sarsat Programming’s strategic goals and objectives is EPIRB registration because unregistrated beacon has nothing information about EPIRB’s owner and his location during an emergency. It delays Search and Rescue (SAR) operations significantly and thus it may be the cause of untimely rescue of all alive. So all beacon owners need to verify that their EPIRB are registrated. Many beacon owners falsely believe that their EPIRB was registrated at the point of sale or installation, however, this is not the case.
    “Proper registration is vital in the early minutes of an emergency. Rescue centers use the beacon registration databases to obtain critical data about EPIRB’s owner, including emergency contact and other information that allow a search to begin even before a final location of the activated beacon is determined. When a beacon is not registrated there is no point of contact available to verify whether an emergency requiring response is even necessary” – comments Mr. Dave Fuhrman of the US Air Force Rescue Coordination Centre.
    In fact, there are cases when an EPIRB is inadvertently activated and is not registrated, rescue personnel may be put at inappropriate situation and beacon’s owner should have a cost loss for false alarm.



    Inspite of importance of beacon registration a consistent 30 % of the global beacon population remains unregistrated.


    In fact, there are two ways to register a beacon:

    1. with the national authority associated with the country code in the beacon hexadecimal identification (15 Hex ID); or
    2. with the IBRD (International Beacon Registration Database) at if  the  country code of the beacon is not associated with a registration facility and the country has allowed direct registration in the IBRD.


    Cospas-Sarsat maintains an online IBRD for 406 MHz beacons. The list of countries allowing direct registration by beacon owners in the IBRD is available on the Cospas-Sarsat website at where detailed contact information for national beacon registries is also available.


    From year to year the number of countries that intended associating itself formally with the Cospas-Sarsat Programme either as a Ground Segment Provider or as a User State is increasing.


    However, it should be mentioned that all Cospas-Sarsat distress alert and location data are provided to national SAR authorities worldwide, with no discrimination, independent of the participation of countries in the management of the Programme.


    If You have any problems in the EPIRB registration or You need additional information connect with us


    We would like to help You immediately.  





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