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    Testing equipment

    Testing Equipment

     BT611M EPIRB Tester

    The BT-611M  is designed mainly for precise measuring signal parameters of 406 MHz Emergency beacons,  which   are critical to the COSPAS-SARSAT System.

    It also provides possibilities to test homing transmitter signal at 121.5 MHz.

    The measuring accuracy complies with COSPAS-SARSAT document T.007.

    The instrument fully controlled by host PC running WINDOWS XP or later via USB port. It is need also to have installed Internet explorer 6 or higher version.

    Provisions made for internal test using digital simulators of 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz signals.



    The current information within the choice of a operator appears as data on display in a table or graphic form :

    1.      Graph of the power and frequency value.

    2.      Phase characteristic of the 406 MHz signal.

    3.      Graphs of the frequency instability.

    4.      Graphs of the phase deviation, phase asymmetry.

    5.      Generalized table of the beacon signal parameters.

    6.      The decoding data of the beacon. 

    Automatical tester of accumulator battery BT-711

    BT-711 Automatic tester of  accumulator battery is assigned for determination of  the lead-acid accumulator battery actual capacity. The battery capacity is determined by the method of discharging the previously charged battery through the built-in-tester load.


    The operator needs only to push the button «ПУСК» to start measuring. The procedure ends up automatically. When the discharge ends the figure of measured capacity appears on the display. The button «СТОП» is used to interrupt the measuring procedure.


    Basic features:

    • BT-711 allows to save time and abates the ship electrician's work
    • Measurements are provided automatically without an operator
    • BT-711 doesn’t use indirect parameters but makes direct measuring of the actual accumulator capacity, that raises reliability of the result
    • Simple and easy device operation
    • Choice of the discharge current
    • Small dimensions and weight
    • Handle for transportation.


    The device meets the requirements of SOLAS IV/13.6.2 of the accumulator battery residual capacity measurement procedure.


    Technical parameters:


    • Accumulator type: lead-acid
    • Nominal voltage of battery: 24 V / 12 V
    • Discharge current: 4 А, 5 А, 6 А
    • Measurement process duration: less than 10 hours
    • Dimensions: 202 x 219 x 110 mm
    • Weight: 4 kg.


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