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    Echo sounders
     Furuno Echo Sounder FE-700
    The purpose of the echosounder is to provide safe navigation by detecting the clearance below the ship (particularly in shallow waters) as required on the SOLAS Convention ships by the new IMO standards.
    Detection range is automatically varied but there is manual override to select the required scale. The displayed record is visible for 15 min on any range and an instantaneous sounding is directly shown in large numerals in addition to the graphical display.
    Depths, associated time, and position are stored for 24h in memory. The data can be played back at any time.
    Visual and audible alarms are generated when the water depth below transducer is shallower than a user-preset depth. When the sea bed is lost because of the lowered detection or out of range setting, the alarm comes on. The receiver sensitivity is automatically controlled with the tracking depth; manual override is possible to improve the detection and to reduce the surface clutter.
    • Display: 6.5" color LCD, 8 colors or 8 level monochrome, 320 × 234 pixels
    • Display Modes: Nav, History, DBS, Logbook, OS Data, etc.
    • Frequency:  50 or 200 kHz
    • Output Power: 600 W rms
    • Range Scale:    5, 10, 20, 40, 100, 200, 400, 800 m
    • Accuracy: ±2,5% on any range
    • Minimum Range: 1.2 m (200 kHz), 2.0 m (50 kHz)
    • Discrimination: 5.8 mm per meter depth on 20 m range, 0.58 mm on 200 m range
    • Interface (IEC 61162-1):
    • Inputs: RMA, RMC, GLL, VTG, ZDA, GGA
    • Outputs: SDDPT, SDDBT
    • Alarms: Audio-visual alarms for shallow water, lost bottom and power failure
    • Transducer Beamwidth: type 50B-6B 28°; type 200B-8B 5.4°
    • Power Supply: 24 VDC, 20 W; 115/230 VAC, 20 VA
    • Environment temperature: -15°C to +55°C
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